the nifty nightingale presents:


( the tweet tune )

( the cheep chant )

26 july – 31 july 2002.

onland pervormants.

in kassel /.de

canal bleu.

? d11 ?


i did it d i y.


( an autocatalytic affront )


canal bleu.

from 26 to 31 july 2002 restate/wickedwarwidgets were secretly placed throughout trees in the city centre ov kassel.

( i do call this parasitarian public interference )

from 26 to 31 july 2002 they were set to derange the city's own aural bird simulation network.

( i do call this improved structural perturbation )

my selv twirping and tweeting to your slack and sleeping senses.

even endemic encounters with local backwoodsmen did not detain my daimonic disconcert.





it is no no more than one monotonomorale prejudice that truth is worth more than appearance.

( a worst case assumption )

let my selv concede:

there would be no no no life at all if not on the basis ov perspective evaluations and appearances.

( polyphonic precision )

the world which we do become sensibelle ov is the world ov surface is the world ov symbols.

the generalised world.

the perfunctory world.

the ignobelle world.

the known is the familiar.

while the familiar is the most difficult to perceive.

( twirp )

it was my noise that did increase your fitness.

( again )

i am

your stuttering starlet sylvia atricapilla.

( the ornithologic oxitocinderella )

( repeat )

i am

your polymorph pervert pepierre.

( the perturbating perception manager )

( repeat )

i am

your twisting then tweeting twirpi hedren.

( the turbulent troubadour )

( repeat )

i am

your mutant phenotwerp.

( the awesome aviarist )

i am your deviant pop star.

( aliis laetus – sibi sapiens )